The Clash

The impact The Clash had on a lot of people, particularly in the late 1970s, went beyond music. The Clash addressed far-reaching issues including racial conflict, social displacement, poverty, drug use and some of the major political problems occurring at the time. Their music captured the imaginations of young people, particularly in Britain. London Calling was released in 1979 and changed the landscape of British music, merging the styles of reggae, rockabilly, and ska with punk, and received widespread critical acclaim.

Thanks to their raw, powerful, garage band style, they’ve served as an inspiration to the likes of Nirvana, Green Day, and U2, who have all acknowledged The Clash’s importance in getting them into music. They eventually gained popularity in the US with their 1982 album Combat Rock, but never managed a number one. Rock the Casbah came closest, hitting number eight.

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