About Us

Years ago our team set out to create a site that would be fun and interactive for everyone. We felt that if people were engaged then they would come back over and over again to learn about the world from us and in turn we could learn about the world from them.

Our first venture was a blog site that consisted of various topics on things from Apple pie recipes to the theory of Global Thermonuclear War (War Games reference). We received a lot of feedback on our topics, but the interaction was limited to comments and their associated replies.

Our next venture was a site called Stuff People Say. On this site we would simple post random thoughts of ours or something we overheard on a daily basis. We would let people vote via likes or dislikes and, again, leave their comments and replies.

Neither of our previous 2 ventures were what we were ultimately shooting for. We wanted something colorful, simple, engaging, and most importantly something that we could gain the greatest level of user participation.

Thus vote2sort was born.

vote2sort aims to entertain, educate, inspire, and discover via our “Opinionator” site. We believe that there are many ways to achieve this goal. Our choice is to present interesting and unique lists on various subjects. We are confident that we have something that will interest you.

How we work
Lists are created and published (made available to the public). These lists can contain as few as 1 item, although we recommend at least 2, to as many as you want. We have over 30 categories to choose from for your list.

Once your list is published, everyone is free to vote. Registered user are the only ones allowed to comment.

While we have our own in-house staff diligently working on providing interesting and entertaining lists, we always encourage everyone to register, login, and create your own lists.
We currently offer 3 list types for you to choose from:
  • Classic List – this list type is our most popular and images used to create this list will appear as slightly larger thumbnails.
  • Hero List – this list type is similar to the Classic list type except these images will appear as larger images.
  • Video List – the items in this list type will be YouTube videos playable directly on our site.
What makes us different?
We take our tagline “Your Vote Counts” seriously.
At Vote2sort, we allow you to vote on the individual list items, not the list as a whole. Based on your vote, the item may move up or down on the list providing you direct participation in the process. The same applies to comments. We have found that people love to express their opinion in the form of comments and at vote2sort, you are able to comment on each list item as well.

Explore and enjoy our site!


** New Feature Alert
As of February 1, 2018 we have added 2 new features to our list maintenance pages.
1. Start Date - We now allow you to create lists that can be published at a future date. You simply create a list with an optional start date and publish the list. It will not show in our system until the date you select.
2. End Date - We allow you to enter and optional end date. When the end date is reached for a published list, no voting or commenting will be allowed.