'Thor: The Dark World' - Interdimensional Shuffle

The Thor sequel is probably not one of the most memorable of Marvel’s efforts, but it does feature the best third act action sequence of them all. Yes there’s an aerial battle quality to it, but director Alan Taylor uses the somewhat silly Convergence plot to his advantage by having the London-set final showdown fall in and out of the various dimensions. Characters disappear into places unknown, creatures are mistakenly transported to the streets of London, and even jet fighters find themselves lost in another world; it’s not your typical “Boss Battle,” and that’s what makes it so refreshing. Throw in a heavy and healthy dose of humor thanks to Jane and Selvig’s attempts to control the Convergence, as well as Kat Dennings’ scene-stealing Darcy shouting “Meow-Meow!”, and the final action sequence of Thor: The Dark World is one hell of a delightful surprise.

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