'Iron Man 3' - All Suits to the Rescue

Most of Marvel’s films end with an aerial battle of some sort and Iron Man 3 is no different, but boy is it a blast to watch. With each successive Iron Man film, fans clamored to see more and more suits from the comics onscreen. They got their wish and then some with Iron Man 3, in which a bevy of drone-like suits come to Stark’s rescue during the climactic battle. It’s a fun showcase of the many, many different types of armor that Tony’s been working on, and director Shane Black stages it well by offering up a number of different twists on a typical fight scene; suits break apart and come back together as Tony switches from one to the next in a series of quick changes. This dynamic set piece serves to both highlight each suit’s individual merit and underline the fact that Tony’s PTSD has kept him very busy.

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