Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Speaking of dangerous cities, Rio de janeiro has one of the highest rape percentage in the world. In june 2016 A story was reported of a girl being kidnapped and raped by 33 men.

It may have hosted the olympics, but that does not mean that the city is safe. If you are going there, avoid the Favela, even the local population avoids this place.

It is the most visited city in the Southern Hemisphere, which is no mean feat. This makes for an impressive, memorable attraction for visitors from all over the world.

Rio de Janeiro is hot for most of the year, and rain is frequent during the period between December and March. The coastal areas are cooler than those situated inland due to the cool breeze blowing off the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The landscape and vegetation in and around this metropolis are magnificent, providing a visual feast that has inspired authors and screenwriters the world over.

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