Postal 2

In 1993, a new phrase entered the American English lexicon It was “going postal” and it referred to a bizarrely high number of shooting sprees that had been committed by postal workers in the 80s and 90s. The games Postal and Postal 2 are based on that phrase, the concept being that an ordinary person can one day just snap and go on a murder rampage.The game itself is simple – players need to go about daily tasks, and they can either join the queues, take the abuse and stay quiet…or they can do things as violently as possible. The result is generally ultraviolence – otherwise, it’d be a bit dull, wouldn’t it? Postal 2 was particularly brutal and it was banned in New Zealand, due to “gross, abhorrent content” which included cruelty to animals (something to do with a gun and a cat’s bottom) and an emphasis on bodily functions. An oddity of a game, but a very successful one.

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