Because of the extremely cold winters, practicality in dress is a must, and warmth would be above a garment’s stylistic appeal for many. Quality winter coats, warm layers and shoes made from durable and practical materials are important. This isn’t only limited to the winter: Scandinavians put comfort first year-round. They are an active people: cycling as well as going from place to place by foot are part of Scandinavian lifestyle, which heightens the demand for comfort and practicality. It’s not uncommon to see people cycling around the city in rain boots and waterproof jackets in the fall; while in the summer no one thinks twice before adding a hat to their outfit as protection from the sun. The urban brand Acne, popular for jeans, is a perfect example of a mix of Scandinavian minimalism, quality, comfort and understated style.

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9 Standout Staples Of Scandinavian Style
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