Yohan Blake was born on the 26th of December 1989 in Jamaica. He studied from St. Jago High School, Spanish Town, Jamaica. His first love was Cricket. He was persuaded by his school Principal to trying sprinting over Cricket. The rest soon became a history. At the 2011 World Championship, Blake became the youngest 100m World Champion by winning the gold. 2012 London Olympic Games saw Blake winning the silver medal in 100m and 200m race for Team Jamaica. He holds the second spot together with Tyson Gay with a timing of 9.68sec. He also holds the second fastest time ever in 200m, having clocked an amazing 19.26sec behind Usain Bolt. He also holds the Jamaican National Junior Record for the 100m. at 19 years 196 days, he became the youngest sprinter to brake the 10-second barrier. Glen Mills is his coach. Daniel Bailey and Usain Bolt were his training partners.

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