The Boxford Mosaic

Unlike its somewhat dull name, the Boxford mosaic is vibrant with action. The scenes swirl like a Roman action movie—an eternal battle between the mythical heroes and monsters.

Discovered in 2017 in the village of Boxford in England, the tiled wonder stunned archaeologists. Parts were recognizable. Hercules and Bellerophon, who was riding Pegasus, were waging battles with the Chimera and centaurs. Then the recognizable turned unusual.

In the corners of the 6-meter-long (20 ft) piece, Cupid, Atlas, and other mythical figures sat inside their own frames. Unlike most Roman mosaics, however, they leaned outside these frames.

More intriguingly, the art was outside its usual social class. Mosaics were expensive status symbols, but the Boxford villa was unimpressive and small.

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