Box Jellyfish

Not all jellyfish are dangerous, but the venom of the box jellyfish makes up for all of its relations. Its venom is mostly used to kill small prey; however, it can also cause heart attacks in humans.

The box jellyfish is a carnivorous invertebrate. They are large jelly fish that can grow to be 10 feet long. However, they weigh up to 5 pounds despite their size. Most of the body of a jellyfish is made up of tentacles, which are very delicate. This is why the jellyfish developed its venom; its tentacles are too delicate to use to catch prey.

Most of these jellyfish live off the coast of Northern Australia, but they can also be found throughout the Indo-Pacific region.It uses its tentacles to sting prey, and every tentacle has as many as 5,000 stinging cells. These tentacles sting not when they are touched but when they sense a specific chemical on its prey.

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