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Here we have six experts who have championed diversity in their careers and cover all bases of the beauty industry to vote on the best in makeup, skin care, hair care, and more. Here, we put a spotlight on six models who are showing us that beauty belongs to everyone.The reality is, everyone is beautiful, whether you’re tall, short, black, white, fresh-faced or acne-prone. We all deserve a seat at this metaphorical beauty table that has, for too long, isolated itself from various marginalized groups.Brands like NARS, Lancôme, and Fenty Beauty have worked to extend the conversation about shade ranges, ensuring that no skin tone is left unseen. YouTubers — including Jackie Aina, Patricia Bright, and Alissa Ashley — work to show that all can have an opinion, and that when people speak up, brands will listen. Let’s take a look at six individuals who are showing us that beauty belongs to everyone.
everyBODY is Beautiful
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By: John Ross E.
The human knows only a small percentage of the oceans. But in addition to the famous shark, which we all know and have experienced some fear, in all the oceans and rivers of the world there are also truly dangerous fish; not only by their appearances or thorns but also by their aggressiveness and the poison they might have.
Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish
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By: Marc Andrei
So far no luck in getting SMKNJOE released by the state.Could only com up with 3 options that would mean something to me.Not sure if these are even available. Thoughts?
CA Custom License Plate
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By: Big Bertha