Rabot 1745

2-4 Bedale Street, London SE1 9AL<br /><br />How much will it set you back? From £25 to £40 per person.<br />What’s so great about i...

2-4 Bedale Street, London SE1 9AL

How much will it set you back? From £25 to £40 per person.
What’s so great about it? The elegant wood interior is just one of the perks of dining at Rabot. The restaurant that overlooks the Borough Market, is fully dedicated to incorporate Saint Lucia's cocoa into their recipes. Rabot is owned by Hotel Chocolat, which has an amazing resort at the Caribbean island and it's bringing the best of the Saint Lucian cuisine to London. Expect lots of chocolate-infused plates.
Why is it the perfect romantic restaurant? The place naturally has a romantic ambience, but finishing the night with Rabot's chocolate tasting is a rather aphrodisiac experience.

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