Muhammad Ali TKO 14 Joe Frazier, October 1, 1975

This was another iconic international heavyweight clash during the 1970s, as Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier traveled to the Philippines for the rubber match of their classic, three-fight rivalry. 

Compared to the first bout between Ali and Frazier, or Ali's challenge of George Foreman the previous year, this fight was somewhat under the radar. Frazier had been smashed in just two rounds by Foreman in 1973, and the second fight between Ali and Frazier, in 1974, had lacked the grand drama of their first meeting, in 1971. 

But once the bell rang, Ali and Frazier combined to turn in the greatest heavyweight fight in history. They set a record for punches thrown in a heavyweight bout and both pushed themselves well beyond the limits of endurance for normal men. 

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