“The Office” (U.S.)

2005 – 2013

“The Office” did what many could not: It actually adapted a successful British sitcom for Americans and didn’t die swiftly. In fact, this iteration surpassed its predecessor in longevity and may be considered the better of the two, making a voice for itself and really establishing the mockumentary sitcom. While the dreariness of its environs may have seemed like a prison or trap, for some of these oddball characters, it was also a sanctuary, with co-workers who were just as out-of-place and maybe borderline incompetent as they. We all know a Dwight or a Jim or even a Meredith for that matter, and these relatable characters made for an immediate connection, thanks to a stellar cast and writing. The Office” allowed us to escape into a place where the biggest stakes were bittersweet laughter, but mostly it combined hilarity and heart in a way that felt honest.

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